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I'm Warren Nathan, and my journey in real estate has been nothing short of a thrilling adventure that spans continents. Originally hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Johannesburg, South Africa, I've seamlessly integrated my expertise into the dynamic real estate scene in Los Angeles, establishing myself as a residential real estate aficionado. 

My voyage into the realm of real estate began within the dynamic sphere of commercial properties. From collaborating  with auction companies back in South Africa to managing an eclectic portfolio of multifamily properties across West L.A. This pivotal chapter gave me invaluable insights into the intricate mechanics of the real estate arena, kindling an insatiable curiosity for the lavish realm of luxury residential properties. 

I stand unwaveringly committed to turning my clients' real estate dreams into tangible realities. Placing their needs and aspirations at the forefront, I dedicate myself to ensuring their utmost satisfaction with each transaction's culmination. Armed with a steadfast commitment to excellence and fortified by my adept negotiation acumen, I orchestrate swift and  efficient deal closures, consistently securing optimal results for my esteemed clientele. 

Throughout the span of my illustrious career, my proficiency has guided numerous home seekers towards their forever homes. Simultaneously, I've had the honor of representing sellers who've garnered offers surpassing even their loftiest expectations. As a dedicated professional, my core values revolve around integrity, honesty, and an unwavering pursuit  of distinction, qualities that resonate with my valued clients. 

Beyond the world of real estate, I find immense fulfillment in contributing to my local community. Guided by the belief in giving back, I actively volunteer my time and resources to bolster charitable causes and organizations that radiate  positivity and foster transformative change. 

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Warren Nathan


DRE# 02151088


direct: 310.699.9207

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